Small Decisions, Big Impact

We never really know when a small event in our lives turns out to be something significant. Small choices, over time, come to define our lives. Visiting the camp cook lets you meet a young man who turns out to be the love of your life; a casual conversation with a flippant comment leads to your dream job; going to chapel when you don’t feel like it leads to a new friend and a bucket list project.*

It was Thursday.  I didn’t want to leave my office for a sermon.  My rocking chair beckoned. A good book was begging to be opened. I had a Keurig and a cappuccino pod. The only thing that could get me out of my office was the thought that professors should be an example of the conduct we expect from students.  My body went to chapel, but my head and heart were elsewhere.  We had a guest speaker, and frankly, I was not the most attentive listener.  I was curious, but not moved. At least I had my knitting.

Then he mentioned his Steinway and how much he loved it.  He told a story similar to how I found TOM. I perked up. I stopped knitting. He talked about writing and recording and using your gifts to bless others.  I thought, “I’ve always wanted to do that!”  I heard a voice in my head which said, “Take him home and show him your piano.” I decided that I would invite him and the college president’s wife to my home for a quick demonstration.  My house was a mess, and the only things in the house for lunch were tortillas and cheese (I was out of salsa), but the music seemed more important.

Eric Elder and Carol Stine came into my disheveled house, but all we cared about was the piano.  I began to play, and they got teary-eyed.  Eric even asked if he could stretch out under the piano so he could feel the vibrations (I play loud; there must Eric and Ibe a LOT of vibrations!). Eric played the piano so I could listen while Carol and I fixed a simple lunch.  We ate, and made it back to the college just in time for Eric to speak that afternoon.  This time I paid attention.  Eric was no longer just a visiting speaker; he was a friend who understood my love of my piano.

We made arrangements for Eric to visit and help me record my music.  He’s been an invaluable helper as Bob and I have worked on my album project, Streams for the Soul.  The small decision to go to chapel led to a new friend and new opportunities.

God often speaks in the still, small voice.  If we listen, we may find that a small decision can change our lives.


*All of these are absolutely true for me.

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Alice Perrey

I love to praise the Lord through my music, and this blog tells of my adventures with TOM, the Shigeru Kawai. My day job is now making sure that my husband stays out of trouble.

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