Good Friday

Beautiful waterfall in Upstate New YorkToday is a good day. Streams for the Soul has been released, at least in downloadable form.  We’ve had a day’s respite from the rain, and we finally see the sunshine.  The dog is finally eating the food she’s ignored all day, and we have time for a nap.

Of course, Good Friday is good for more than just the fact that we are seeing sunshine. It is, after all, the day that we commemorate Christ’s death. Even though our church isn’t holding Good Friday services, the day always puts me in a contemplative mood, and that makes me turn to music.

Here is a song I recorded this afternoon: “What Wondrous Love Is This” and “Were You There.” 



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Alice Perrey

I love to praise the Lord through my music, and this blog tells of my adventures with TOM, the Shigeru Kawai. My day job is now making sure that my husband stays out of trouble.

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