Teacher Appreciation Day

Facebook tells me that today is Teacher Appreciation Day.  I’m old enough now that nearly all my teachers have passed away, but I’d like to give credit to some of them.

My 2ndgrade teacher, Miss Fourt, always began the school day by singing and Bible reading. (I am betraying my age here; prayer was still permitted in the public schools.) After nearly 60 years, I remember some of the songs we learned. I was not the best reader at the beginning of the 2ndgrade, but she nourished my love of books and stories. She might have saved my academic career, and she was the teacher I always wanted to be.

My elementary school music teacher, Miss Sloan, fed my soul and my mind by introducing classical music and music history.  I may have been the only person in the room who thought classical music was fun, but I know that as a teacher, it only takes one interested kid to keep you going. She was the teacher who encouraged me to perform, giving me my first chance to play in front of lots of people. (And, if you’re in music class, you’re not in gym!)

In college, I was privileged to accompany the University Singers and some private voice students of Tom Mills.  A fine Christian man with one of the best voices I ever heard, he patiently taught me to express the words of a song, even if it all you had was just the accompaniment. When I get to heaven, I hope he asks me to play for him again—there is no doubt that he’ll lead the heavenly choir.

Write a note of appreciation to your teachers.  I can tell you—we keep a file, and one good note can make our week!


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Alice Perrey

I love to praise the Lord through my music, and this blog tells of my adventures with TOM, the Shigeru Kawai. My day job is now making sure that my husband stays out of trouble.

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