All Saints Day

It’s All Saints Day, so let’s remember people who make us just stop and praise our God.  The Bible uses the term to denote Christians, so please, nominate only living saints today.  Here are some of my favorites:

  • Saint John, who always arrives at church before I do, to make sure that the congregation has coffee.  He’s in his 70’s and takes it upon himself to get to church early, make the coffee, sing in the choir for 2 services, and then clean up the coffee pots before he goes home.  I don’t think he understands how important he is to the life of our little body of Christ.
  • Saint Debbie, who makes sure that the worship music is organized and loaded into the Airprompter system each week.  She also handles communication among the worship people at church and keeps me running on schedule.  I have a musician’s temperament and the lack of time management that goes with it, so the music department might collapse without her.
  • Saint Mary, who is always busy doing what needs to be done.  You might find her in the kitchen, in the choir, or in the fellowship hall, but she makes sure we are fed and not over-stressed. She also keeps helps keep the church building looking good by making sure the decorations are updated and classy. She and her husband, Saint Grant, are always there to lend a hand.
  • Saint Marlene, who is always prepared to teach children in Sunday School.  She has a quiet temperament, but she loves the children, and they love her.  Her family is a testimony to faith.

I could go on and mention many, many more, but these are people who don’t ask for glory and do jobs which might get overlooked.  I praise God for them!

Who are the saints in your life?

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Alice Perrey

I love to praise the Lord through my music, and this blog tells of my adventures with TOM, the Shigeru Kawai. My day job is now making sure that my husband stays out of trouble.

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