This last month, my life has been a whirlwind of activity. Generally, that’s just the way I like it. On top of work, I led a workshop at the Missouri Christian Convention and threw a bridal shower fullsizeoutput_1962for my niece who’s getting married next Sunday. In between those two events, Bob and I finished editing Streams for the Soul, and I submitted it for publication and distribution, which involved learning all sorts of things we hadn’t done before—or even knew needed to be done.

And now all that work is done. I have no more speaking engagements on my radar, the leftovers from the shower have been eaten, the CD is out on the Interwebs. I can sit back and watch CD sales soar—or amble leisurely along the trail, which is more accurate. I have time to knit and read, maybe write a little.

But I don’t want to. I’m suffering, I think, from adrenaline poisoning, that feeling when a frenzy of activity comes to a complete stop. After so much activity, sitting and reading don’t provide the frenzied stimulation I’m used to. It’s going to take some discipline to slow down and rest before I begin a new project. One of my daughters said, “The problem is, Mom, that you don’t know how to do anything halfway.1” “Go big or go home” might be my life philosophy.

So this week I plan to be still. The rest of April will be a blur as school winds down and we suffer/endure/enjoy2 the visit from the accreditation team for the College. We have a granddaughter’s first birthday, fullsizeoutput_190da wedding, and graduation before May rolls around. Rest is a really good idea.

Besides, God often speaks in a still, small voice. Too much activity and you’ll overlook it. I don’t want to miss what God might be trying to tell me.

1Not the word she actually used

2No way to know which verb is correct until the team gets here.

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Alice Perrey

I love to praise the Lord through my music, and this blog tells of my adventures with TOM, the Shigeru Kawai. My day job is now making sure that my husband stays out of trouble.

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